Working with Clients To Offer
Elite Solutions For Their Needs!

We offer fully customized support & innovative solutions for the safe storage, transport, and sterilization of specialized implants, instruments, screws, and devices. Our devices optimize your ability to use these tools safely and maximize their effectiveness. Designed specifically with elite engineering & automated machinery for more complex instruments. Customize your toolbox with the following design elements: Surface Finishes, Coatings, Tray sizes, Corner designs, labeling, branding, nibble type and style, mesh type, brackets, and latches. 

Surface Finishes & Coatings

SteriTrays offers different types of surface finishes depending on the demand and need of the customer or user.

Branding & Labeling

We offer different types of branding/labeling capabilities. Especially laser etching to achieve unparalleled laser printing quality.


Perforations & Mesh Types

Customers can choose the punch type and style while placing an order along with mesh types. You can Customize devices from sizes to designs of the edges/corners.

Brackets & Latches

You can choose between materials for your order to enable its efficiency and workability.

Count On Us For Customized Support!

If you are looking for customized trays or baskets to hold your sensitive instruments, at SteriTrays our skilled team of professionals is ready to help you create your own Design


Bottom perforations allow the impression tray to drain fully, making cleaning easier and better flexibility for bracket placements.

Light in weight and easy to carry even with loaded instruments. 

The perforations allow steam to pass through the tray, ensure the sterilization solution binds to the items to be perfectly sterilized.

Stackable designs allow your products to be neatly organized and secured.