Our Company Profile

Since 1965, Yarsons International is committed to manufacture better products with advanced technology. We are not just making instruments for the healthcare sector but enabling them to save lives. 

Our leadership & creative team is always devising ways to improve our instruments. As they believe; “ Where there is scope & opportunity, there is room for betterment”. 

We have more than 60 years knowledge and experience in surgical instrumentation. From the last 17 years Yarsons has taken the lead in the sterilization department and supplying top-notch products across Europe, UK, America & Australia. 

In 2012, StriTrays_ A Brand of Yarsons Group_came into existence that deals with all kinds of sterilization, surgical trays, cassettes and baskets. 

We’re always looking for new ideas and technology to improve our products for our customers’ delight. We realize that quality products are not just enough in this era of technology, therefore we equally focus on the new ideas and always strive to achieve the best solution.

Our Mission

Our activity is aimed at strengthening our position in the international market, in the sector of supply chain of sterilization equipment with introduction and inculcation of the latest technology in our products.

Yarsons values Efficiency, Innovation, Safety, Regulation and Standard Compliance of our equipment & life-time warranty.

We Inspire you to join hands to become our Quality Customers!

Our Goals

We immensely care about the precision of work we do, we are fully aware that our products are meant to save lives.

We are committed to keep checkon quality control of each product that we manufacture, from materials to  all the complex procedures used in its production. After finishing, products are sent for rigorous testing.

Our range of supporting products and services are ensuring we are always one step forwards to make our system better for our customers and users.